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About Us

"Serving the Central Coast for over 35years"

Our Approach​

Here at coastal chiropractic.......

Our practice is committed to serving patients of all ages, from kids and teens to adults and seniors. We have experience addressing various health concerns

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Disc Decompression

Gently lengthens and releases the spine through repetitive movements by the revolutionary HillDT Spinal Decompression table

Joint Mobilisation

 Can help temporarily reduce pain, improve joint function, and increase range of motion around that joint.

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Dry Needling

Stimulates the central nervous system. Which releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. 

Meet The Team

Dr Dean R Innis

Principal & Owner - Chiropractor



Diploma OH&S, Cert IV RMT (Paramedicine),

Certified in Dry (Acupuncture) Needling

Practicing since 1997 -  27years 

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About Dean

You're In Good Hands!

Dean additionally consults with Healius Medical Group  at the Wyoming Medical and Dental Centre;

I have been practicing since 1997 (approaching 27 years). During this time I have not only owned and operated my own chiropractic clinics. I have additionally Lectured, Tutored and researched as a University Academic since 2001 at Macquarie University, Sydney University, Newcastle University and  CQUniversity. Since 2001 and at these various Universities,  I have been teaching Biomedical and Clinical Sciences to students of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Radiography, Exercise & Sport, Nursing and Oral Hygiene and in late 2020 I joined the Australian College of Chiropractic as an Associate Professor. In 2021 amidst the turmoil of COVID-19 and where-in the University sector was hit hard,  I returned to Academia in Sydney sessionally and I am enjoying more practice locally here in Erina, on the central coast.

I can offer contemporary, current health care.

My Story 

As a young boy, I suffered terribly with asthma! And despite desperate hopes … never grew out of it. Asthma resulted in my missing of many many months of schooling over the years. Periodic asthma attacks and ongoing chronically labored breathing created stress in my mid-back, chest and spine. Asthma and pain kept me from actively participating in various sports I loved. Asthma kept me from scout camps and doing so many things I saw my older brothers and friends do. At 15 years of age I developed serious pain in the mid-back and was taken to the local Chiropractor. The Chiropractor gently manipulated and rehabilitated my spine and absolutely resolved the pain I was struggling with for so long . However, what was even more impressive, along with the Chiropractic treatment for my pain …. was  that my Asthma dramatically improved. You see, a properly functioning spine is not only important for the control of PAIN! A properly functioning Spine results in a healthy, vibrant and functioning Nervous System. A properly functioning Spine means minimal interference to Nerves. And it’s these Nerves that can not only be the source of debilitating pain ….  These Nerves control the function of every cell, tissue and organ of the body.

After this miraculous personal experience, I did year 10 High School work experience with the same Chiropractor and the rest … as they say … is History! I have enjoyed caring for thousands of patients, young and old.  From new born babies, to the elderly and everything in between.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Olympic level athletes including work at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. Over a x10 year period (2000 - 2010) (before x2 more children came along) I have worked as a team Chiropractor for NBL Basketball Teams. I have cared for members of the Sydney Kings NBL professional basketball team. I have traveled extensively with the ASP International professional surfing tour (now WSL) providing Chiropractic to numerous world champions around the glode, including Chiropractic care of my childhood sporting hero – Kelly Slater.  

Dr Kyle R Innis




Certified in Dry (Acupuncture) Needling

About Kyle

You're In Good Hands!

I have experienced the benefits of Chiropractic my whole life. I enthusiastically return to the Central Coast after caring for the public in Sydney since November 2021. The Central Coast is a 'Lifestyle' with its many beaches, water ways and natural surrounds. Chiropractic is the perfect way to maintain our physical ability and well being.  How can I help you with your health? Back Pain , Neck Pain & Headaches? When not in Clinic caring for our community you might find me in the local surf line up ... enjoying a wave or two.

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213 The Entrance Road, Erina NSW, 2250


(02) 4324 2346 or (02) 4367 8777

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9:00 am – 6:00 pm


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